About lamarel

A brand which stands for independent, strong and adventurous women. The lamarel story started in 2018, when Sandra, founder of lamarel, realized there was a lack of ethically made slow fashion labels in Switzerland. The idea of lamarel is having statement pieces in your wardrobe, which can be used for every moment of your day. 

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Founder and Designer 

Sandra studied economics at the University in Basel, and started her blog "entredois" during her second academic year. Looking for ethical made and fair-trade fashion brands, Sandra realized that there was a lack – which resulted in the creation of lamarel, something she felt was missing in today’s world of fashion. Every lamarel delivery is packaged and sent by herself.


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The importance of producing garments and accessories ethically, led Sandra  to source the production from her home country, Portugal. With the help of her cousin, Sandra discovered a small production facility completely run by women, allowing them to work at their own pace and manage their own workloads day by day. It was important for Sandra to meet these women personally, to ensure lamarel is being produced in an ethical way. 

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Brand Messaging

GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING - this is our message. We want you to feel confident, beautiful and strong in our lamarel pieces and we are certain you will. All products have been designed to women feel powerful. We created the ‘must have’ basics for every woman’s wardrobe.

Our believe is to buy less, but better. 


Joana Brochado

Joana, Sandra’s cousin,is the woman behind her creative mind. She is the woman who transfers Sandra’s imagination into physical magic. Joana will forever be her right-hand woman.


Jonathan Goehler

Sandra met Jonathan in 2015 during a shooting for her blog. She was impressed by his work, and for this reason she teamed up with him for this very special project.

Find his amazing work here